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Iran is a developing country and the Iranian oil industry is an attractive market in the world, our task in “IRAN PETRO PARTNER” is to adapt the needs of our customers to the current culture, behavior, principles, rules, and processes in this market and to simplify its information complexity.

Information is our important asset if you want to know about our business background I have to say that the establishment of the APPROVED VENDOR LIST ENQUIRY SYSTEM, PETROLEUM, AND ENERGY VENDOR SOURCE SEARCH ENGINE OF I.R. IRAN ( has provided more than 3,000 documents from Iranian suppliers (or vendors) and 2,000 cases from non-Iranian suppliers (or vendors) in various fields of activity for us And developed our relationships and information from suppliers of goods and services in the oil industry, Preparation and optimization of some AVLs in KPPDSCompany brought us the attention of the managers of the major Iranian oil companies to the supply of goods and sourcing  for Iranian and foreign contractors, which is another service of this company, expanded our relationship with Iranian and foreign active contractors in Iran.

In 2015 we have started our new job as industrial equipment supplier under the brand PETRO KALOOJ to use our experience, relationships, and market knowledge to supply our products in the oil industry. According to these activities we were in a place that our last costumers were. We have experienced all needs, problems, and art of solving problems in the oil industry.


In “IRAN PETRO PARTNER” we also needed new experiences, that we passed them by using our partner's knowledge and hiring a professional crew.

Since the beginning of Iran Petro Partner's activities, my biggest effort always has been the development of my business partners around the world we consider each of our customers as our business partners and ambassadors at each point of the world.

This power comes only when we can fully capture the trust of our current customers and always be responsive to their needs.


I am proud that many of our current customers have been familiar with us through other companies that have already been cooperating with us.

Our business continues and develops with the satisfaction of our customers; I hope that we can always create a sense of satisfaction to our customers by providing good services.



Saleh Yavari, CEO

About IRAN petroleum industry

How much is your share market of the Country that is largest natural gas reserve in the world and the fourth largest oil reserves?



Investment Opportunities in Iran petroleum industry

Iran is a country that boasting the fourth largest oil and the second largest gas reserves in the world and also as result of its special geographical position and having large hydrocarbon reservoirs has created a unique opportunity for investors who are willing to invest in petrochemical industry.text ...

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In a short time we were able to be registererd in more than 10 major oil industry vendor Lists in Iran by Iran Petro Partner Consultant and we have full satisfaction Of IPP services.

Rossano Mangano

Scame Middle East Managing Director

we came across many of them in consultation with you. as i said before your power is your information


Zhu Peihui

Business Development - Hilong Oil Service & Engineering

We will announce our complete satisfaction of Iran Petro Partner marketing Consulting and hope to develop our future partnership with Iran Petro Partner.

Peyman Namazi

Spiro Gills - Iran Branch CEO


Iran's oil export reaches 2.1 mbd in March

TEHRAN, Apr. 17 (MNA) – Exports volume for Iran’s crude oil stands at two million and one hundred thousand barrels per day (mb/d) in March. The figure is expected to increase in April. ...

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